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Partnership for Success

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Partnering With You To Make A Better Tomorrow

Nevada Urban Indians Partnership for Success our program specifically focuses on suicide and substance abuse prevention in youth ages 9-20. We have many great resources for youth and families that our community do not know about. A lot of people get the impression that we only service native community members, but we actually service all community members of all ethnicities. Partnership for Success program is under a SAMHSA grant and it is a membership based program where youth can enroll for free and participate in our monthly recreational activities. We do movie nights, beading nights, bowling, family nights, and etc. all free to youth and families. Before each event we do a small presentation on drugs and mental health so that we can continue to spark awareness within them and then we reward them with a fun activity.

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  • PFS Coordinatior    

Email:     Phone 775-788-7600  ext. 122​

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