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Nevada Urban Indians offers assistance in obtaining health insurance, whether its Medicaid, Medicare or a Qualified Health Provider. Health insurance is rather easy to obtain; you will need the following items in order to apply.


What you’ll need

  • Picture ID (if you have one) and ID’s for each family member, (school ID for minor children if no source is available).
  • Social Security Card (we can order one through the SSA office if you don’t have one).


  • If you are filing as a Native American, (we will need a copy of your Tribal Identification card, letter of descendancy, family tree of other form of identification to show tribal affiliation).
  • Last year’s income (prior year tax filing if possible).


  • Documentation if self-employed.
  • Depending on circumstances we may need a copy of your marriage records to show change of name if different from Driver’s License, Social Security card; Tribal card and to show relationship of children to parents.

Remember the insurance company or the state may need other more specific information (this will be requested at the end of the application process). Please expect to spend about an hour completing the on-line application. If you have lost your insurance, you must bring a letter stating the loss of benefits which must be no older than 30 days. You may change or modify your insurance if there has been a life altering event but again you only have 30 days to get this done.

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